A much faster signup allowing the player to share their successes easily.


UK agency Zonica Mobile, required an Android and iOS
native social game, which allowed players to login and
predict the outcome of different sporting events. As players
correctly predicted outcomes, they would be awarded
points and, the longer they played plus the number of
correct predictions would result in a ‘reputation’ which
would be shown in local and global leaderboards.

Two separate native apps were developed for iOS and
Android phones. The apps allowed the player to signup
using Facebook which resulted in a much faster signup
and allowed the player to easily share their successes on
their Facebook timeline.

One of the challenges of this project was the
synchronisation of sporting event data.

A custom daemon was created which ran as a Windows
Service. This daemon polled the data provider at different
intervals to update internal data.

areas of expertise

management / creative / technology /

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